Small Cell Implementation.

In today’s fast paced wireless communications environment carriers are building out their networks to provide faster and better coverage through Small Cell deployments. NexGen is at the forefront of implementation these technologies.

Small Cell Network technology is becoming more prevalent with Wireless Communications companies. Mobile data traffic expected to double annually, small cell base stations are set to play an important role in expanding the capacity of wireless networks. Mobile operators are realizing that to meet the demands for data, video and application access caused by smart phones and other devices.

These devices are being mounted directly on utility poles verses towers to help the wireless industry provide better coverage for areas with coverage gaps, prohibitive zoning and high capacity demand areas. Wireless operators use small cells to extend their service coverage and/or increase network capacity. With small cells, wireless operators can offload a substantial amount of traffic during peak times providing better overall service to their customers.
NexGen has formed partnerships with some of the largest wireless companies to provide installation service of this cutting edge technology. NexGen has a strong wireless organization that can support large deployments, technology pilots and maintenance of these networks.



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