networkThe foundation of the Smart Grid is the infrastructure network that carries the data. More and more information is being moved across these networks and it is imperative that these networks function real-time. NexGen has been installing networks in the Energy and Wireless markets for years. We provide network installation services across our national footprint for many various types of equipment. Our network experience makes us a great resource for OEM, Utility and Communications customers. We partner with many companies to provide unique solutions to the end client. Whether you are deploying an AMI system, Load Management – DR solution, mesh network or a cellular network NexGen delivers.

As part of NexGen’s overall network offering we also work with OEM, Utilities and Communications customers to maintain existing network infrastructure. Our Network Team works directly to support customers long after the main deployment to ensure the network remains healthy. NexGen can either augment OEM/Utility/Communications staff or be your one stop to maintain your network.

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