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NexGen Utility Solutions & Nexgrid Alliance Partnership

July 21st, 2014

NexGen Utility Solutions & Nexgrid have entered into a strategic partnership providing the latest innovations in smart grid technology, combined with proven best practices in methodology for implementation and deployment.

“We are incredibly proud of NexGen’s strategic partnership with Nexgrid. They are drastically changing the way utilities, corporate customers, and consumers manage and monitor energy. Nexgrid’s advanced smart grid technology, wireless multi-mesh networks and real-time all the time communication solutions are considered best-in-class,” said Tim Strickland, President, NexGen.

Nexgrid’s Multi-Mesh Smart Grid communications infrastructure provides utilities with a broadband, standards based solution including advanced metering, distribution automation, demand response, smart home and other applications on one seamless communication network. NexGen is capable of installing all of Nexgrid’s products including electric, water & gas meters, load control switches and thermostats anywhere in the country.

“We look forward to working with NexGen Utility Solutions on future Nexgrid Projects. They provide device installation solutions and technical resources to leading energy utilities, municipalities, and communications companies throughout North America. NexGen has the experience, manpower, resources and capability to handle Nexgrid’s Projects regardless of the scope, geographic span or project requirements,” stated Costa Apostolakis, CEO Nexgrid.

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