Cell Site Upgrades.

NexGen Utility Solutions provides the construction, installation, and maintenance of communications equipment and support structures. At NexGen Utility Solutions we recognize our success depends on our exceptional technicians.

At NexGen Utility Solutions we provide:

  • Work on communications equipment for the purpose of installing, replacing, and repairing line and antenna system hardware.
  • Familiarity and expertise working with specialized construction equipment associated with the installation or repair of communication lines.
  • We recognize safety hazards and we are able to perform all duties in a safe manner.
  • Ability to travel extensively throughout the US to various markets.
  • We provide experience stacking self-support towers, install waveguide, antennas and microwave dishes.
  • We provide all required and necessary certifications.
  • RF Awareness, replacement and maintenance i.e. coax, jumpers, TMA’s, connectors and weatherproofing.
  • Highly organized and are able to effectively report verbal and written reports back to the Crew Foreman, Project Manager and the client.
  • Line and antenna installation, modifications, replacements and upgrades.
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