Network Operations and Switching Services.

  • Ability to provide Project Management services across multiple platforms and technologies. Effectively manage day to day operations, project timelines, P&L, and resource utilization.  Specialist in managing new infrastructure, major cell site migrations, and network integration activities for wireless carriers globally.
  • Advanced level hands on training to all technical staff in the MTSO and those who have a stake in the business (management included)
  • Costs savings to the client in that one person travels to them and provides KT services. No need to send the entire staff to one location for a class. Our person would be in market and can work with individuals on a one on one basis if needed.
  • A highly technical ‘extra employee’ at a much lower costs to the client than employing someone full-time.
  • Assistance with special projects. Reduction in labor hours of current staff in that this person will be able to be utilized in many different areas to back-fill responsibilities.
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