Demand Response.

NexGen Utility Solutions provides residential and small business deployment services for the smart thermostats and load control switches which typically comprise the bulk of utility sponsored Demand Response Initiatives. These devices allow the utility to cycle equipment like air conditioners for short periods of time. By having control over peak energy use, utilities are able to stabilize costs, reduce the need for additional power plants, and avoid disruptions like brownouts and blackouts. In return for their participation, customers usually receive a break on their monthly bill or a free programmable thermostat, which can help drive their energy costs down.

energy_demand_responseAs one of North America’s premier providers of technology deployment services to the energy industry, NexGen Utility Solutions knows how to implement effective, turnkey demand response solutions that are successful in building high customer enrollment and satisfaction, and ultimately deliver the needed Kilowatt savings. Utilizing industry best practices shaped by our years of experience in demand response, we provide both à la carte services and turnkey program implementation from initial planning through deployment, service and support. With technology solutions delivering more and more effective demand response programs, the question facing every utility is not whether or not they should have a demand response program but who should be their demand response program partner. When looking for a partner, choose one that is technology and manufacturer neutral, one who is a leader in deploying demand response, energy conservation and smart metering programs throughout North America – choose NexGen Utility Solutions.

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